Happy Paws Ayrshire

Services We Offer

At Happy Paws Ayrshire we regard your dog’s safety as paramount.

Our Services include

  •  Home Boarding  - (fully Licensed by South Ayrshire Council)
  •  Daycare - (with plenty of walks and play in our home)
  •  Dog Walking  - (giving your dog exercise and stimulation)

Consultation Visit

We offer a free consultation visit for all of our services as we feel it is important to introduce ourselves to you and your dog, to meet your dog and so you can meet us and feel assured your family pet will be in safe hands. During the visit we can discuss your dog’s needs and routines, favourite parks etc. Your pet’s breed, age and temperament are important in helping us get to know them. We can also answer any questions you have regarding our service, and discuss key collection and storage if applicable.

Home Boarding

You can be assured your dog will love his time spent with us in our family home. He will be treated as a family pet and will soon settle in quite happily. To give you peace of mind while you are on holiday, we will keep in touch with you with daily updates and photos of your dog, to let you know how he’s doing. We do this by messenger or text. Our desire is that you have peace of mind about your family pet while you are on holiday, and that your pet is relaxed and happy while they’re on holiday at our home. I always recommend you bring your pet’s bed, his favourite toy/s and his food.

Home Boarding Prices

£20 per night (2nd dog from same family £15)

Our Daycare Service

Our daycare service provides the ideal solution for owners who have work commitments or who are called away at short notice, or who want to have a day out with family and friends while knowing their pets will be cared for while they’re away. We pick up your dog in our fully crated van and will bring him back at times to suit you. We have plentiful supply of dog food, although usually our daycare customers supply their dog’s lunch and treats. Let us know of any special dietary requirements your dog may have. Your dog will love his day with his friends and will have all the play and walks he needs, ensuring he’ll come home happy and tired!

Daycare Prices

£18 per day (2nd dog from same family £9)

Our Dog Walking Service

We walk up to a maximum of 4 dogs at one time – usually we walk 2-3 at a time.

We will walk your dog for a full hour, no matter the weather, and if it’s wet, we’ll towel dry your dog before returning them to you.

An hour’s walk will give your dog plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Individual walks

Individual walks are available. Some dogs are nervous of other dogs and don’t do well when in the company of other dogs. Contact us to let us know if you need your dog walked on his/her own.

Our van is fitted with secure cages to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your dog. 

Walks are in an area of your choice. (Some dogs prefer the beach while some prefer their local park). Lots of TLC and fun.

Feeding and treats are as agreed with you, and we will follow any special dietary or food requirements, and will refresh your dog’s water bowl. We can administer medication if required. We always clean up any dog waste.

Our van is fitted with secure cages to ensure maximum safety and comfort for your dog.

Dog Walking Prices

Group walks: £9 per hour (£6 for 2nd dog from same family)
Individual walks: £12 per hour.

We keep our prices at a competitive rate while giving your family pet(s) the best care.